20 masks under 10 dollars

20 Masks Under $10

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored or affiliated post.  We are in no way affiliated with Spirit Halloween or FrightProps.  All opinions are our own, and all images belong to their respective owners.  

Masks are the quickest and easiest way to get your scare actors in character and out on the haunt floor. Even if you are blessed with an incredible makeup artist that loves transforming mere mortals into repulsive and disturbing monsters, a haunt that incorporates dozens of actors simply doesn’t have time to start every character’s appearance from scratch every night.  Luckily, masks do not have to be expensive – we’ve compiled 20 masks under $10 (at press time) that are worth adding to your inventory this season.

Blank slate masksSometimes, less is more.  These blank face masks would be perfect in a White Fog Room or in a hallway with actors in dark robes to blend in to the walls.  These can easily be decorated to suite your needs, and would be particularly eerie in a black light haunt.

#1: Spirit Halloween’s Blank Mask
#2: Spirit Halloween’s Blank White Face Mask

g force maskEven if you do not have a need for an unfortunate wind tunnel victim in your haunt, this mask is worth the cost in salvageable parts alone.  The displaced eyes and gargantuan tongue would make great butcher-shop props, and the distorted mouth could be used as a prop or left as a mask and adorned with some hooks, straps, or other painful accessories.  This is a full-head mask, so even the hair in the image is included.

#3: FrightProps’ G Force Mask

crypt creature maskIt’s hard to go wrong with a horned, fanged, ominous-looking skull.  This creature of the crypt just looks like it’s going to move, maybe due to an actor or even a motor, so you can bet guests are going to be eyeing it carefully.  You can use this to create an effective jump-scare by hiding an actor in plain sight, or even leave the mask completely static and set up a different scare while this creepy fellow distracts them.

#4: FrightProps’s Gauze Crypt Creature

doll masks

People react viscerally to anything that reminds them of childhood, and dolls are a wonderful way to exploit that reaction.  Dolls, especially realistic dolls, can be quite creepy and are great props.  These masks let you dream a little bigger and create life-sized dolls to terrorize your guests.  Whether you use them as the faces of static props or as masks on actors that are good at staying still until the right moment, these destructed doll masks belong in your collection.

#5: FrightProps’ Giggles
#6: FrightProps’ Creepy Carrie
#7: FrightProps’ Pudge
#8: FrightProps’ Sad Sandra

toothy demon maskAgony and terror are haunted house staples, but those emotions are most effective when there are also a few characters that are a little too happy to see you.  This mask has a unique look compared to most low-cost options on the market, and its toothy grin is more than a bit disconcerting.

#9: FrightProps’ Victum Demoan

grinning warrior maskHe’s grinning all right, but he sure doesn’t look happy. This mask made the list for the novelty factor – there is a lot going on here.  The mask could work in any dungeon or torture scene, and is just intimidating enough to genuinely startle a guest that encounters it unexpectedly.

#10: FrightProps’ Grinning Warrior

skinned face masks

None of these characters are having a good day.  Each mask aims for realism and could be effective when worn by an actor, but all four together would make a particularly disturbing display if the masks were stretched out and pinned to a wall.

#11: Spirit Halloween’s Stapled Mouth
#12: FrightProps’ Serial Killer 25
#13: FrightProps’ Serial Killer 6
#14: Spirit Halloween’s Sewn Up

soul stealer masks

While they could be used as props, these masks are made to be worn.  They are the perfect blend of creepy, unworldly, and dark to chill the soul of any haunt guest in the hands (or on the head) of a talented actor.  The dark colors lend themselves to shrouded characters.

#15: FrightProps’ Soul Stealer
#16: FrightProps’ Angel of Death

clown masks

Clowns are a haunt staple, and for good reason: a survey in October of 2016 showed that 42% of Americans are, in some capacity, afraid of clowns.  In fact, that survey says that we are more afraid of clowns than we are of climate change, terrorism, and death.  That may scare you more than any mask, but works out well for haunters – it’s much easier to have a creepy clown than an impactful climate change scene in your attraction.

Number 18 is particularly appealing.  Many scare actors are fantastic at crazy eyes, but this mask can create a psychotic clown from even the least scary participant in your haunt.

#17: FrightProps’ Sinister
#18: Spirit Halloween’s Googly Eye Clown
#19: FrightProps’ Berzerk

cowboy zombie maskThough many haunters feel they are becoming overdone, we would be remiss not to include a zombie mask in the list. This is no ordinary brain-hunter though, this zombie looks like he’s got a draw that would put anyone to shame – living or dead.

#20: FrightProps’ Outback Zombie

plastic cat face mask

In some ways, this might just be the scariest one on the list.

FrightProps’ Plastic Cat Face Mask